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This game only works in Google Chrome, and it also requires you to have a microphone.
Google Chrome

Do I need to allow access to my computer's microphone?

Yes. If you clicked on the "don't allow" button, please visit this site for instructions on turning the microphone on for this website.

My child is saying the correct word but it isn't working

There are some sounds that just don't work very well in speech recognition. Usually problems occur with short, one syllable words. If you can get your child to use the word in a sentence it will be much easier for the program to understand him/her. Your other options are to skip the word using the green arrow button, or you can remove that word from the word list for this game (premium members only).

For any other questions, please email me at

Read Out Loud

Online Flash Cards With Speech Recognition

Practice sight words with our speech recognition game. Learn to read online by saying the words out loud.

This app is using an experimental feature of the browser. We have removed words that are only one letter, because the speech recognition doesn't work well with them.

In general, if your child is reading the word correctly, but the game doesn't seem to be working:

  • Did you accept the 'Allow Access To Microphone' message?
  • Check your microphone settings
  • If the game works for some words but not for others, I am interested in knowing what words your child are having trouble with. Email me at In general, I will not be able to do anything about it because the game depends entirely on Google Chrome's speech recognition. But I can dis-allow problematic words from appearing on this game.
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